Textbook Update!

All textbooks that have been returned have been scanned in. If you have not turned in your textbooks, the replacement cost of each book is being added to your account.  You may continue to return your textbooks Monday-Thursday from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm in the Main Office (you will have to physically walk in to the main office and turn them in, the carts have been removed).  The Main Office will be closed July 4th. Textbooks that are turned in will have the replacement cost removed, but you will still be responsible for a $20 late fee per textbook that is turned in.

American Red Cross Scholarship Awards

Michelle Spigner
Lisa Qu, Priyanka Rao, Wenxin Fan (L-R)
Lisa Qu, Priyanka Rao and Wenxin Fan have each been chosen to receive a $750.00 American Red Cross scholarship award. Lisa, Priyanka and Wenxin were instrumental in helping to organize, recruit for, and run the two blood drives that Spring Valley held this school year in December and April.  Combined, the Spring Valley blood drives collected a total of 214 pints of blood which ultimately could have helped to save 642 people's lives.  Congratulations to Lisa, Priyanka and Wenxin and the school blood drive sponsor, Michelle Spigner!

First Day of Summer Poll!

Research Grant Awarded to Our Magnet Director, Dr. Michelle Wyatt!


Dr. Michelle Wyatt, Magnet Director, has been selected as one of the recipients of a $5,000.00 STEM Research Grant from @SocietyforScience!  The grant helps provide resources needed for students to succeed. 

Through the STEM Action and Research Grant Program, the Society aims to fund cutting-edge, mission-driven organizations and support teachers who are leading students in authentic STEM research projects. The STEM Research Grants provide one-time grants to educators to help fund equipment or other experimental materials needed to complete research projects, or travel necessary to bring students to locations where they can complete their research.

The Society for Science & the Public is a nonprofit dedicated to expanding scientific literacy, effective STEM education and scientific research.  The Society founded and produces world-class science competitions and publishes Science News.

                                            Congratulations, Dr. Wyatt!       

2017-2018 Important AUGUST Dates

Here are some August dates you will need to add to your calendar. More information will be coming in July.

August 2-3   Student Orientation
August 18    Fresh Start 8:30-1:00
                     *for Freshman and students new to Spring Valley
                     New Parent Orientation 8:45-10:00
                     *for Freshman parents and parents new to Spring Valley
August 22    First Day of School

Don't worry, you still have nine weeks of summer left! Enjoy each and every one of them!

Congratulations, Class of 2017!

Just over two weeks ago, Spring Valley High School celebrated the graduation of our Seniors. We are proud of you and wish you only the best as you pursue your future dreams. To access all of the pictures from graduation, click here.

Here We Have an End and a Beginning

Here we have an end and a beginning,
A stop-time moment memory will frame,
Placed beside a christening or wedding,
Pieces of a whole one seeks in vain.
Yes, here we have a mind that looks both ways,
Glad to leave and sorry to be leaving,
Recognizing these were precious days,
A joyful liberation laced with grieving.
Does one ever listen to one's music
Underneath one's own incessant voice,
A quiet strain, though one ought never lose it,
That moves one to the fortune of one's choice?
In every moment there's a melody
One plays to mirror one's reality,
Needing both to mourn and to rejoice.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon