Where Are Your Textbooks?

stack of textbooks
Students!  School is out and so are some of our textbooks...

If you did not turn in your textbooks before you left for summer break, make sure to get those back to Spring Valley no later than Wednesday, June 27th.  There is a cart outside of the main office where you can deposit your textbooks.  Textbooks that are not turned in by June 27th will be added to your student fees.  Avoid being charged for your textbooks by making sure you return them to Spring Valley by 4:00 pm on Wednesday, June 27th!  

Spring Valley 2018-2019 Orientation Schedule

2018-2019 SCHOOL YEAR

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Table with orientation schedule

Summer Office Hours

Smiling sun for summer office hours
Spring Valley High School will operate on a 4-day week from June 11th-Aug 2nd.  We will be open to the public from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm. Spring Valley High School offices will be closed the week of July 4th. We will resume a 5-day work week on August 6th.

Summer Reading

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Spring Valley High School

Students may acquire their summer reading text is a variety of ways. Students are not required to purchase a text for summer reading. Students may elect to buy their text, borrow it from the library, download it legally onto an electronic reader (Kindle, Nook, etc.), or read it online if it is legally available. If you have any trouble locating or acquiring a copy of your summer reading text choices, you may contact Mrs. Jennifer Wargel for options and details at jwargel@richland2.org. Assignments are strongly suggested but not required. These assignments will allow students to be fully prepared for their course work.

SV Summer Soccer Academy

It's SV Summer Soccer Camp time again. This year, camps will be held the weeks of June 11th and July 9th. Camps are half-days, Monday through Thursday mornings. SV coaches Stephen Lea and Stephen McKinney, as well as other SV soccer coaches and players, run the camps. The camp is for boys and girls pre-K through junior varsity age (about 15), and players are divided by age and skill level. Players will learn soccer skills, play games, and have a lot of fun. For more information, see attached brochure.

You can register and pay online for soccer camp by visiting 2018 Spring Valley Summer Soccer Academy Online.

Girls Basketball Team Hosts Car Wash & Fish Fry

Our girl's basketball team will be hosting a fish fry  & car wash here on campus next Friday, June 8th from 11am - 2pm. Car Wash is $5 for Cars and $7 for SUV's. Plates are $10 each and will include: fish, fries, bread, dessert, & a drink.  Pick up location will be outside at the tennis courts. All proceeds will benefit our summer camp travels. Thank you all for your continued support. Go Vikings!

Summer, 2018 Credit Recovery (CR) Schedule & Information – Grades 9, 10, 11

Monday, June 11
CR REGISTRATION -Forms can be picked up and fee paid in main office
Tuesday, June 12
Forms can be picked up and fee paid in the main office 
Wednesday, June 13
Forms can be picked up and fee paid in the main office 
Thursday, June 14
Forms can be picked up and fee paid in the main office 
Monday, June 18
CR 8-3:30
Tuesday, June 19
CR 8-3:30
Wednesday, June 20
CR 8-3:30
Thursday, June 21
CR 8-3:30
Monday, June 25
CR 8-3:30
Tuesday, June 26
CR 8-3:30
Wednesday, June 27
CR 8-3:30
Thursday, June 28
CR 8-3:30
Monday, July 2
CR 8-3:30
Tuesday, July 3
CR 8-3:30

·        Students must score in the range of 50-59 to be eligible to take credit recovery.
·        Students must attend EVERY session of credit recovery to receive the credit, no absences.
·        Students with free lunch status may take credit recovery free of charge.
·        Students with reduced lunch status must pay $40.00 for credit recovery.
·         Students with full-pay lunch status must pay $100.00 for credit recovery.
·        Courses offered include English 1, 2, 3, Foundations in Alg, Intermediate Alg, Geometry, and Probability and Statistics (possibly Alg2).
·        Students will not receive a numerical grade on their transcript for credit recovery.  They will receive “P” for passing or “NP” for Not Passing.  However, students must score a minimum of 60% in order to receive the “P”.  The original failing grade does remain on the student’s transcript.  Students may only take ONE course for credit recovery.
·        All School rules apply during credit recovery: ID’s, punctuality, dress code, respect for teachers and peer and all other rules.
If a student is suspended from credit recovery for rule violations, he or she will not receive a refund or the credit for the course.
Applications may be picked up in the main office or with the student’s Counselor.  Credit recovery fees must be paid in the main office on or before June 14, 2018.