Region 3 Band

Congratulations to the following students who earned a seat in the Region 3 Band! 

Clinic Region Band:
David Coulter- 4th Alternate Flute, 
Emily Whitlow- 2nd Alternate oboe
Nicholas Threatt- 2nd chair Bassoon, 
Tyler Froelich- 8th chair Clarinet, 
Zach Tomatz- 4th chair Trumpet, 
Aaron Roach- 6th chair Trumpet,
Justin Stombler- 4th Alternate trumpet, 
Arianna Lee- 3rd chair Horn.

Senior Region Band:
Liqi Zhao- 5th chair Flute, 
Nicole Lazar-4th Alternate Flute, 
Brennan Booker- 1st chair Oboe, 
Orializ Martinez- 5th Alternate Clarinet,
Paul Currey- 4th chair Trumpet, 
Ryan McCormick- 16th chair Trumpet, 
Darren Woodland- 1st Alternate Trombone, 
Zonnie Harper- 3rd chair Euphonium

Mr. David Allison has accepted the honor of being the conductor/clinician for the Region 2 Senior Region Band.
Congratulations to our Spring Valley Band Family!