2013 Art Show Awards

Best in Show: Untitled, Courtney Ackerson
Congratulations to the following students on their awards at this year's art show.

Art I
1st: Christian Canty, 2nd: Tabitha Carter, 3rd: Aaliyah Cotton, HM: Cameron Lamson

Art II (2D)
1st:  Madison Pickrel, 2nd: Chidi Udogwu, 3rd: Derek King, HM: Corey Stringfellow

Art II (3D)
1st: Hannah Gorman, 2nd: Robert Wohlfarth, 3rd: Jessica Kibler, HM: Ethan Walter, Edward Walter

1st: Charity Williams, 2nd: Olivia Newton and Madison Pickrel, 3rd: Darren Woodland, HM: Eren Sakarcan

1st:  Charity Williams, 2nd: Jed Gist, 3rd: William Stubbs

Media Arts
1st: Mitchell England, 2nd: Sheren Subeih, 3rd: Kamilah Keeton, HM: Baylee Bridges; JayQuanda Hope

1st: Christiana Parker, 2nd: Clinique Byers, 3rd: Eren Sakarcan, HM: Victoria Cooley

1st: Yuki Nakano, 2nd: Sadman Sakib, 3rd: Claudia Younan, HM: Jennifer Chornlesky, Sebastian Fearn

1st:  Mitchell England, 2nd: Jedidiah Gist, 3rd: Richard Chen, HM: Aakash Shingala

AP One Man Shows
1st - Courtney Ackerson, 2nd - Colton Rabon, 3rd - Megan Fletcher, HM - Paul Kim, Emma Coleman, Cameron Cliff

Best in Show: Untitled (boy and girl with hands), Courtney Ackerson