Clemson University's 41st Annual Declamation Contest

We are proud to announce that our students performed well Saturday at Clemson University's 41st Annual Declamation Contest. Congratulations to all our winners! 
Latin Awards (teacher: Cristian Ugro): Latin 1, 1st place, Lauren Holtslander; Latin 2, 2nd place, Lisa Qu; Latin 3, 2nd place, Ighiwiyisi Omoigui.
Ighiwiyisi Omoigui, Lisa Qu, Lauren Holtslander
French Awards (teacher: Wendy Stephens)French 1, 1st place, Zuania Fuentes-Bermudez, 3rd place, Ciera Davis; French 2, 3rd place, Joseph Ravan; French Native, 2nd place, Rimel Mwamba.
Rimel Mwamba, Joseph Ravan, Zuania Fuentes-Bermudez, Ciera Davis