Designing from the Core

On Thursday, October 17, Spring Valley High faculty  participated in a series of professional learning seminars aimed at improving outcomes for our students. Based on the district's "Designing from the Core" focus, all of the sessions were designed and presented by Spring Valley teachers.  The sessions included Mathematical Practices across the Curriculum (presented by Matt Owens, Denise Stiffler, Sandra Wells, Dale Soblo, and Kay Black), Moving Formative Assessment & Feedback to Routine Use in All Classrooms (presented by Felicia Roberson, Georgia Kopenhaver, John Robertson, Lars Seiler, and Regina Dilley), and Digital Resources for Supporting Claims with Evidence (presented by Kathryn Robinson, Debbie Easler, Michelle Maxberry, Layne Bee, and Sarah Pellerin).  The sessions were designed to support teaching and learning through implementation of the Common Core State Standards.  Based on the teachers' feedback, the sessions were engaging and useful.