Spring Valley Student Making Waves in the Business World

Keeping up with school work and launching a business is no easy feat. It takes a lot of hard work and persistence, and, in the case of entrepreneur Kiran Ravindra, late nights on the phone or internet to manufacturers in Europe or China. For Ravindra, whose Carbon Trim Solutions is about to introduce the world's first 100% carbon fiber iPhone case, "hustle time" begins when school ends. Ravindra has filed for, and received, a provisional patent for the cut-out design for use with carbon fiber or other dense material. The case, which Ravindra designed himself with AutoCad software he learned to use in an Intro to Engineering course he took his freshman year, is just the beginning for CTS. Ravindra, a senior in Spring Valley's Discovery Program, plans to expand the company to manufacture after-market carbon fiber products for other markets. Want to replace the leather center console in your Lamborghini Gallardo with one made from carbon fiber?  Ravindra may soon have a product for you. Read the full interview with Kiran in Secret Entourage and look for CTS's carbon fiber iPhone case in late November.