2013 SCMEA Region III Honor Orchestra

Congratulations to the following orchestra students who have been selected by audition to participate in the 2013 SCMEA Region III Honor Orchestra. They will perform on Saturday, November 23rd, at Lexington High School. The event is free and open to the public. Seungmee Kim, violin; Wenxin Fan, violin; Cassidy Johnson, violin; Dominique Kwon, violin; Karen Lee, violin; Katherine Peffen, violin; Martin Li, violin; Sarah Lee, violin; Briana Bell, violin; Gangyun Kim, violin; Sanghun Ju, violin; Lydia Kwon, violin; Priscilla Rhym, viola; Nicholas Brown, viola; Crystal Lee, cello; Priscilla Li, cello; Veronica McLean, cello; Ebony Patton, bass; Sean English, bass; Lance Murphy, bass; Ebony Bennett, alternate.  Way to go orchestra students!