End-of-Course Exam Information

The End-of-Course Examination Program (EOCEP) provides tests in high school core courses and for courses taken in middle school for high school credit. All students who are enrolled in Algebra 1, Biology 1, English 1, and U.S. History must take the End-of-Course Exam for the course in which they are enrolled. The testing window for exams will be from December 13th-January 10th to include make-up testing.

Algebra I-December 13th
Biology I-December 17th & 19th
U.S. History-January 8th & 9th
English-Taken in Spring Only

Make-Up Testing-If students should be absent for their exam, they will take it the following day or near the end of the testing window. Is it important that students taking the test get a good breakfast, get to school on time, and report to class on time on their particular testing day. Parents, please try not to schedule any appointments on your child's test date as this is a very important test and we would like for students to do their best.  Your child has been provided information regarding the specific dates, times, and locations of his or her test. For more information about EOC Testing please contact your child's teacher or April Shell, School Testing Coordinator at (803) 699-3500, ext. 69074.