42nd Annual Declamation Contest at Clemson University

Top row: Joseph Ravan, Carl Lobitz, Mohammad Arammash, Aryn Cooper, and Dandavikranth Reddy
Middle row: Azalfa Lateef, Ishita Thumati, Indirah Canzater, and Almeera Lateef
Bottom row: Saipriya Sairam, Mynyatta McFadden, Lauren Holtslander, and Madison Pobis
We are proud to announce that 19 of our Spring Valley students  earned medals at the 42nd Annual Declamation Contest at Clemson University on Saturday, October 18th.  Over 500 students participated!

Here are the gold, silver, and bronze medalists:
Madison Pobis (Latin 4)                    1st place
Lauren Holtslander (Latin 3)             1st place
Leah Rahman (Latin 3)                      1st place
Johnanthony Hurley (Latin 2)            1st place
Brennan Ravan (Latin 2)                    1st place
Ighiwiyisi Omoigui (Latin 4)             2nd place
Sara Wallam (Latin 4)                        3rd place

Aryn Cooper (French 3)                     1st place
Carl Lobitz (French 3)                        1st place
Mynyatta McFadden (French 2)         2nd place
Joseph Ravan (French 3)                     2nd place
Saipriya Sairam (French 3)                 2nd place
Indirah Canzater (French 2)                3rd place
Dandavikranth Reddy (French 3)       3rd place
Rishishankar Suresh (French 3)          3rd place

Mohammad Arammash (Spanish 3)     1st place
Destiny Lewis (Spanish 2)                    1st place
Priscila Montalvo (Spanish, Native)     1st place
Almeera Lateef (Spanish 4)                  2nd place

This is a very competitive contest in which students must recite two poems in Latin, French, or Spanish before a panel of judges.  In order to place at all, students must demonstrate excellence in textual accuracy, pronunciation and intonation, interpretation, and smoothness of delivery.

Over 25 schools from South Carolina and Georgia participated in the Latin, French, and Spanish contests this year.  Our students did an excellent job representing Spring Valley High School, as well as our school district.  Spring Valley exceeded all other Richland Two schools in number of competing students, as well as medals earned.

Please join us in congratulating these students!