Congratulations to our SV Region Band and All-State Band Students

Congratulations to our many students who auditioned for the SCBDA Region 3 Band, and for those who made the cut to audition for the All-State Band. After the final auditions, were held on Saturday, January 24th, we have 4 students representing Spring Valley in the All-State Band, and 15 students representing Spring Valley in the SCBDA Region 3 Band.
Clinic Level All-State: 9th and 10th Grade
Christopher Juhn- 4th chair All-State Clarinet
Gloria Kim- 7th chair All-State Clarinet
Dennis Patterson- 3rd chair All-State Euphonium
Senior Level All-State: 11th and 12th Grade
William Edwards- 1st Alternate All-State French Horn

Clinic Level Region: 9th and 10th Grade
Breanna Murrin- 10th chair Region Clarinet
Patrick Davis- 23rd chair Region Clarinet
Ryan Brock- 1st Alternate Region Clarinet
Jala Coleman- 1st Alternate Region Bass Clarinet
Melody Davis- 11th chair Region Trumpet
Eloise Lamie- 1st Alternate Region French Horn
Mazen Cotran- 4th chair Region Percussion
Senior Level Region: 11th and 12th Grade
David Coulter- 2nd Alternate Region Flute
Nicolas Threatt- 3rd chair Region Bassoon
Jessica Perry- 23rd chair Region Clarinet
Ethan Dilley- 3rd chair Region Alto Saxophone
Justin Stombler- 16th chair Region Trumpet
William Edwards- 5th chair Region French Horn
Austin Myers- 4th Alternate Region Trombone
Nate Hammonds- 2nd Alternate Region Tuba