Two Hour Delay on Wednesday, February 25th

Based on a winter weather advisory from the National Weather Service that warns of the potential for dangerous travel conditions in the morning, Richland School District Two will operate on a two hour delay tomorrow, Wednesday, February 25, 2015.

A two-hour delay means school start times are delayed by two hours. Students who ride the bus should report to their bus stops two hours later than usual and car-riders should report to their schools two hours later than usual. For example, if your school starts at 8:30 AM it will start at 10:30 AM tomorrow. If you report to the bus stop at 7:45 AM you should report to the bus stop at 9:45 AM tomorrow.

Bell schedule for Wednesday, February 25th:

1st period 10:40- 11:12
2nd period 11:17 - 11:49
3rd period 11:54 -12:26

Lunch 12:26 - 1:06

4th period 1:11 - 1:43
5th period 1:48 - 2:20
6th period 2:25 - 2:57
7th period 3:02 - 3:33