2015 SCMEA Region III Honor Orchestra

Pictured Top Row L-R:(Ebony Patton, Jayohndra Price, Priscilla Rhym, and Veronica McLean)
Pictured Bottom Row L-R: (Priscilla Li, Cassidy Johnson, Aaliyah Sumpter, Elizabeth Bickel, and Gillian Patton)
Not Pictured: (Isaac Lee, Xavier Baker, Nicole Bellows, and Alyssia Mitchell)
Congratulations to the following orchestra students who have been selected by audition to participate in the 2015 SCMEA Region Three  9-10 and 11-12 Honor Orchestras. The 2015 SCMEA Region 3 Honor Orchestra performances are scheduled for November 20-21st, at Irmo High School. The event is free and open to the public. Thank you for your support of the Spring Valley High School Orchestra program!

9-10 Orchestra

Gillian Patton- Violin
Elizabeth Bickel- Violin (1st Alternate)
Isaac Lee- Cello
Xavier Baker- Bass

11-12 Orchestra

Nicole Bellows- Violin
Cassidy Johnson- Violin
Alyssia Mitchell- Violin
Priscilla Rhym- Viola
Jayohndra Price- Viola
Aaliyah Sumpter- Viola
Priscilla Li- Cello
Veronica McLean- Cello (1st Alternate)
Ebony Patton- Bass