2016 Junior Science & Humanities Symposium Results

Thirteen Spring Valley Discovery students submitted research papers to the 2016 Junior Science and Humanities Symposium (JSHS) Awards competition. Based on their written research papers the following six students were chosen as Semifinalists (out of 70 research papers submitted). The Department of Defense-sponsored competition took place on January 29, 2016, at the University of South Carolina. Semifinalists were competing for the opportunity to attend and compete for scholarships at National JSHS in Dayton, Ohio (all expenses paid). 

Sarayu Das
Wesley Hankinson
Ishita Kapoor
Tanvi Mehta
Lisa Qu
Priyanka Rao

In the finalist round Tanvi Mehta earned 2nd place and will compete in an oral presentation session in Dayton at the April 27th - April 30th  National JSHS conference. Ishita Kapoor won 3rd place overall and will compete in a poster session. Sarayu Das won 5th place overall and will attend the conference as an Observer.  Lisa Qu earned 6th place and will serve as an alternate.

The following students presented in non-semifinalist sessions and earned the following places:

Session #7:
Luke Marazzo-1st 

Session #8:
Mohammad Arammash-2nd 

Congratulations to these students and their research teachers--
Dr. Joanne Bedlek-Anslow, Mr. Dale Soblo, and Mrs. Michelle Spigner.