Robotics Competition in Sumter

Spring Valley's robotics club team Green & Gold Robotics competed in another VEX Nothing But Net competition and brought home another trophy. This time the trophy says, "Tournament Champion." This was the first tournament win for Green & Gold Robotics. We finished 3rd in match play, 2nd in driving skills, and 1st in programming skills.  Then we led the alliance that won it all. We're the Thunderbot Robo Rumble Tournament Champions! Here is a link to a video of the final match in which Green & Gold Robotics and the IronCATS as the blue alliance defeated Thunderbots and Full Metal Robotics as the red alliance, 127 - 107.

Spring Valley's robotics class team Viking EDD also competed at the tournament in Sumter. We finished 7th in programming skills, 8th in driving skills, and 9th in match play.  For the elimination round, Viking EDD was the leader of the 5th alliance. We beat the 4th alliance in the quarterfinals and then lost to the 1st alliance in the semifinals. Green & Gold Robotics led the 2nd alliance that beat the 1st alliance to win the tournament! One of the highlights of the day was qualification match #14, where Viking EDD was partnered with the Bobcats as the red alliance against Green & Gold Robotics and Millennium Robotics as the blue alliance. This was the highest scoring match of the day, and the red alliance won 145 - 93. Here is a link to a video of that highest scoring match of the day.

Above are some pictures from the Sumter competition. In the top picture you see the three team alliance that won the tournament. Club president Josh Roper is there with the other Green & Gold Robotics team members and with fellow tournament champions IronCATS and Bot Squad. Bottom left picture you see Zachary Black (driver) and Joseph Duncan (shooter) of Viking EDD as they are engaged in match #24.  Also in that picture are Maggie McKissen (driver), Paul Dubberly (shooter), and Brennan Ravan (loader/coach) of Green & Gold Robotics. Bottom right picture you see Matthew Frierson (shooter) and Antonio Bisbal-Perez (driver) of Viking EDD as they prepare for match #14.