Congratulations to Jonathan Mashack

Congratulations to SVHS Graphic Publishing teacher Jonathan Mashack who created a new book series called Shokan.

Shokan is an EPIC new book series full of action and suspense! Every week a new chapter is released on iBook and Google Play, making your Mondays into FunDays! Below is a brief description of the new series and a synopsis of book one. FYI this is just the tip of the iceberg. Enjoy! 

Click here to download the book series. 

Shōkan means “to summon” or “one who summons.”

Those who can summon light, energy, fire, and radiation are from the Hikari Tribe; the tribe of the sun. Those who can summon various plants and influence them at will are from the Shido Tribe; the tribe of seeds. Those who can summon sand, water, and salt are from the Umi Tribe; the tribe of the ocean.

Over 400 years ago, humanity’s existence was threatened by a horrifying evil; the Hybrids. This is when some of the most noble men and women realized their true shōkan potential.

With shōkan abilities being passed down from father to son, humanity was able to overpower the evil that threatened their existence. Those who were entrusted with shōkan abilities became the eternal protectors of humanity, thus making them royalty.

The monstrous hybrids that once threatened humanity are now few in numbers. Within the last 15 years all hybrids have nearly become extinct and the worse of them called “The Crimson Bloods,” have been completely wiped out.

CRIMSON BLOOD (book one)
Kazai, a rookie protector of the Umi Tribe seeks to discover the secrets that his own mother has been hiding from him. In the midst of Kazai’s inner turmoil, the Umi Tribe is anticipating an attack by the Crimson Bloods (hybrids with the blood of a dragon), who were once thought to be extinct.