Chromebook Protection Plan

Dear Parents/Students:

Your child has been issued a computing device this school year at Spring Valley High School. A prepaid device protection premium of $20 is required for all middle and high school students for the current school year. The premium is required, and if not paid, the student is assessed the full cost of repair or replacement for all incidents.

If the device protection plan is not paid by October 25, 2016, your child will continue to use the computing device; however, if the device is damaged, lost or stolen, the child will be responsible for the full cost of repair or replacement even in cases of theft with a police report.
  • Full Replacement Cost of a Chromebook for loss, theft or in cases where damage is so severe that repair is not cost effective is $310.05
  • A major repair charge for damage to the screen or system board is $150
  • A minor repair charge for damage to all other components, including broken plastics is $75
  • A lost or damaged power adapter is $25

Again, having the paid $20 protection plan covers the first incident of any of these listed repairs at no additional charge.

We urge you to take care of this obligation as soon as possible.

Fees can be paid at the Spring Valley Fee’s Office or online through Parent Portal.