Viking Sports Wrap

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Swim Teams
AAAAA Region Championship Meet

The boys and girls Viking swim teams had their AAAAA Region Championship meet this past Saturday.   The boys came in 3rd overall and the girls placed 2nd!

Region winners were:  Jonathan Frye (200 IM) and Anna Frye (50 Free, 100 Breast).

We had several swimmers score points in individual events.
Girls:  Carolina Agostini (3rd 200 free, 4th 100 Back), Ann Ryan Alexander (8th 100 Fly, 5th 500 Free), Kelsey Greene (4th 200 IM, 6th 100 Fly), Annie Lobitz (4th 50 Free, 7th 100 Fly),  Logan Randall (5th 50 Free, 8th 100 Free),

Boys:  Jonathan Frye (2nd 100 Breast), Alex Gregg (3rd 50 Free, 3rd 100 Free), Thomas Gunnlaugsson (7th 100 Fly, 3rd 100 Back), Michael Gunnlauggson (7th 100 Back), Zack Kaplan (4th 100 Breast, 7th 100 Free), Dan Todd (5th 100 Fly, 6th 500 Free), Eddie Tremolada (10th 50 Free, 5th 100 Breast), Samuel Wallick (200 Free).

Our relays also did fantastic with bot A and B relays scoring points.

The boys were 5th in the A 200 medley relay  (M. Gunnlaugsson, Tremolada, T. Gunnlaugsson, and Staudt), 10th in the B 200 Medley (Reiland, Urs, Seay, Gaskin), 3rd  the A 200 Free Relay  (Gregg, Kaplan, Todd, Frye), 6th in the B 200 Free Relay (Tremolada, Seay, Wallick, Staudt) 2nd in the A  400 Free (Gregg, T. Gunnlaugsson, Kaplan, Todd) relays and 5th in the B 400 Free Relay (Urs, M. Gunnlauggson, Frye, Wallick).

The girls were 2rd in the  200 medley relay (Agostini, Frye, Greene, Lobitz), 7th in the B 200 medley (Ormand, Tremolada, Alexander, Barthel),  1st in the A 200 Free Relay  (Lobitz, Randall, Greene, Frye),  4th in A 400 Free Relay (Randall, Alexander, Barthel, Agostini).

The Vikings will have their final State Championship meet this Friday at the Blatt Natatorium at USC at 6:00PM.  The state team consists of Caroline Agostini, Ann Ryan Alexander, Anna Frye, Kelsey Greene, Annie Lobitz, Logan Randall, Sara Ormand, Anne Barthel, Jonathan Frye, Alex Gregg, Thomas Gunnlaugsson, Michael Gunnlauggson, Zack Kaplan, Dan Todd, Eddie Tremolada, Samuel Wallick, Chris Staudt, Harrison Seay and Chet Urs.