Class of 1972 Students Return for a Tour!

On Monday, November 7th, Spring Valley was greeted by some familiar guests. 
Mr. Randy Schwartz, Mrs. Gloria Cummins, Mr. Christopher Fink and Mrs. Denise Howard who are all Spring Valley High School Class of 1972 Alumnae, came to the Valley for a tour of the school that they once knew. They were welcomed by our principal, Mr. Jeff Temoney, and escorted by our senior Senior Ambassadors, Maya Ingram, Eryka Praileau, Brandon Jackson and Caira Wilson. “Each classroom was a pod, so you could hear everyone’s conversations in the next room over. It was so loud,” Mr. Schwartz says. Spring Valley has changed a lot since 1972. In 2006 Spring Valley began construction on our newly renovated campus. The only place that remains of the old building is our Main Gym. While enjoying the scenery, Mrs. Cummins took pictures of every new thing that caught her eye, which included taking a few snapshots of Harry Parone Stadium. 

With restaurants, grocery stores, and shopping malls within the vicinity of our campus, we’ll never know what once was, but we certainly can see it through their eyes, with their shared memories. Back in 1972, there was nothing but trees surrounding our campus. The nearest restaurants were Hardy’s on Parklane and Doris’ in Pontiac. So, when the privilege of off-campus lunch was offered, they had only two choices. This meant they would have to race back from either restaurant. 

At the end of the tour, many hugs were given and many pictures were taken. May the Class of 1972 continue to prosper and raise their voices proudly to Spring Valley High. 

Article Written by: Caira Wilson, Class of 2017.