2016 Sparkleberry Country Fair Winners

Mr. John Monroe (center), Chairman of the Sparkleberry Country Fair Board of Directors, and Dr. Arlene Bakutes, Director of Grant Initiatives, recently presented the winners of the Sparkleberry Country Fair Grants their part of the $23,000 raised at the fair for educators and their students. Jennifer Bartell (left), SVHS English instructor, entered Who Determines Our Identity?” which is a project that responds to the #WeNeedDiverseBooks crisis in our country. In this unit, students will explore aspects of their own identity and explore the identities of diverse characters in children's books. Then students will write their own children's books and read them for middle school students. Theresa Formyduval (right) , SVHS Culinary Arts Instructor, entered “Farm to Plate Production” which includes various cooking and processing techniques to increase the quality of food products the students learn to prepare. The student will be studying food production and how to prepare and preserve foods from the farm that are nutritious and of high quality using dehydrators and canners.