Do You Need a Car ? Visit the SVEF Auction March 4th

This year the Spring Valley Auction is auctioning off two vehicles. A 1997 white Mercedes Benz E320 sedan and a 1999 pearl green plymouth voyager minivan. The white mercedes benz is fully-loaded and has a clean, luxurious interior. It has approximately 250,000 miles but its timeless style makes it a classic model and a sweet ride for school commuting. The pearl green plymouth voyager minivan has approximately 120,000 miles,. It has been well-maintained and is in great shape inside and out. It's a perfect vehicle for around town or school commuting.
Ethan O'Sullivan adds a few finishing touches to a
Mercedes Benz donated to The Education Foundation.

Thank you to the Spring Valley Automotive class and Skills USA club for their great work on these vehicles

It is still not to late to purchase your SVEF Auction tickets. Tickets are $25 in advance. You can purchase your tickets online or by visiting our SVEF office. Click here to visit our SVEF website to purchase tickets. Please come join us for a wonderful night out supporting Spring Valley High.

The Spring Valley Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Questions? Please contact SVEF Director Dusty Broadway-Amick at 803.699.3500 x. 69061.