FBLA Daily News

Sunday February 5th marked the beginning of FBLA week. For Sunday’s events all FBLA members kicked the week off with FBLA story day. Many of the members posted their FBLA stories on their social media page. Following that day was National President's Forum Day. This day, our president hosted a live internet broadcast to get the rest of the weeks festivities started. Tuesday each member was prompted to recruit future members by telling them about FBLA. Wednesday we brought awareness to FBLA by wearing our most professional business attire. To conclude the week we celebrated Career Awareness Day for FBLA, by inviting guest speaker Mr. Charles Gary, the owner of Gary Realty Co., Inc. Mr. Gary spoke about the importance of having goals in the field of business. He gave us five tips to achieve success in the business field:
  1. Develop your goals
  2. Write your goals down
  3. Have faith in yourself 
  4. Be positive 
  5. Have a plan for failure

All members were very thankful that Mr. Gary could come out and give such an inspirational speech to conclude FBLA week.