Prom Information

Seniors and Juniors who will like to attend prom must NOT have any outstanding school fees. The fee’s office will be open Monday-Friday before school, at lunch and after school. WE DO NOT PRODUCE PAPER TICKETS FOR PROM. Students who will be attending prom your name will be given to Mrs. Hill. All fees will have to be paid in order for your name to be added to the “Prom Check-In List”. Seniors receive one free admission until April 21st after that date seniors will have to pay an admission fee. If your prom date is from another school, make sure you pick up a form from room C331 to have them approved and purchase them an admission entry to prom. 

There are two ticket prices - a single ticket and a couple ticket. The couple tickets are $10 more. Get your tickets early because the prices will go up!

Prom April 29, 2017

Ticket Dates
February 27th - March 10th (Single $45, Couple $55):

March 13th - 24 (Single $55, Couple $65):

March 27th - April 7th (Single $65, Couple $75):

April 17th - 21st (Single $65, Couple $75):

April 24th - 28th (Single $75, Couple $85)
(Seniors will NOT receive a free ticket this week)

$100 each at the door (no couple’s tickets)