Spring Valley competed in the Lowcountry VEX Winter Challenge

Pictured above (L-R):  VEX Robotics Teams Coach Mrs. Tammy Vaught, Hoyoung Song, Paul Dubberly, Zephaniah Spring, Ryan Harrelson, Nithin Saravanapandian, Murray McDaniel, Jay Patel, Tyson Ansani, and Naveen Chithan. 

Spring Valley's VEX Robotics Teams, 120E Green & Gold Robotics and 120V Viking Logic, competed this past Saturday in the Lowcountry VEX Winter Challenge at Palmetto Scholars Academy (PSA) in Charleston. 

Pictured: One of the qualification matches: 120E (Paul Dubberly, Murray McDaniel, and Nithin Saravanapandian) to the far left as part of the red alliance and 120V (Tyson Ansani, Hoyoung Song, and Naveen Chithan) to the far right as part of the blue alliance. 

Team 120E finished 7th in match play, scored 5th in robot skills, and won the Judges Award. Team 120V finished 15th in both match play and robot skills. PSA's 9447A Team Toss Up invited both Spring Valley teams to join the 3rd alliance, and together the three teams made it to the semifinals. Overall it was a good day for both Spring Valley teams, and they are looking forward to the last regular season tournament, The Final Countdown VEX HS & MS Qualifier, which Mrs. Vaught and the teams will be hosting on Saturday February 25th at R2i2.