Viking Sports Wrap

Boys Tennis
The boys tennis team lost a close match to Lexington 2-4.  Winning at singles were Noah Guyton and Johnanthony Hurley (JA).  JA definitely gets the comeback award. After losing the first set 4-6, JA rallied and won the second set 6-4. To decide the match a 10-point tiebreaker was played.. .HSL rules.  JA started out slow and got down 3-9 before mounting a tremendous comeback...winning the set 14-12 over his opponent...and clinching his match 2-1.  JA fought with the heart of a viking and I am very proud of him. 

Boys Track & Field
The Boys Track Team won the Woodland Invitational on Saturday scoring more points than 2nd ,3rd and 4th places combined. Quincey Hill, Robert Godfrey, Steven Andreen, Sam Wallick, Chris Staudt, George Wells and Trevon Cheeks had big days for our Vikings.