2016-2017 Second Semester Exam Schedule

Exams are given during the final week of each semester.  All students are expected to take exams as scheduled -- exams cannot be taken early (in advance of the student’s assigned class).  Make-up exams may be given only under special circumstances which cause hardships such as surgery or death in the family (vacation plans, trips, etc. will not be considered as hardship situations.).  Make-up exams must be taken within three weeks after the original exam date. Written permission must be obtained from Dr. Silvernail to schedule a makeup exam. Approval to reschedule the exam does not excuse the absence. Students may not sign out of school during an exam period.

All students will be required to participate in the exam schedule. Seniors may exempt exams if they have 90% or above in a class (except End of Course Exams). Seniors should receive notification of exemption status by the Friday before exams.