Update: ACT Score Release

Just as reminder about ACT Scores:

Third-year students took the ACT at Spring Valley on February 28th and were told scores would be reported in 6-8 weeks (which would have been around mid-April to the end of April).
On April 5th, SV received a notification from ACT that the score release was being delayed:

"Due to online testing issues on the ACT® test this year, ACT will be delaying the original score reporting dates that were published in the ACT Schedule of Events. The updated schedule will allow South Carolina students impacted by online testing issues to have an opportunity to retest, or to have their scores cancelled, if needed. Please watch for communications from ACT or the South Carolina Department of Education regarding retesting and/or score cancellations. ACT will announce the new reporting dates as soon as possible, in addition to updating the Schedule of Events."

As soon as SV receives notification of a score release date, that information will be made available.