Welcome Back!

We hope students and parents had a restful, fun, and safe Spring Break!  We are looking forward to everyone being back at Spring Valley tomorrow!

Just a few reminders for the return:

Car Riders:  Remember to follow the blue car-rider line for student drop-off and pick-up. Do not drop-off or load in unapproved areas or on Sparkleberry Lane.  Students should also cross at walkways and not in front of traffic. Our top priority is the safety of our students.

Parking:  Please do not park in handicap spots without the appropriate tag.

Bus Area:  If you are entering the bus area, please be mindful that only buses can proceed to the front of the football stadium after school during bus rider pick-up. Cars entering the parking lot in front of the football stadium should follow the signage to the correct parking location and should not enter the bus lane. Our top priority is the safety of our students.

Dress Code:  Spring has surely sprung and we want to make sure students are mindful of the dress code as we close out these last few weeks of the school year.  If leggings, shorts, or skirts are worn, either the bottom garment, or the top garment, must be fingertip length all the way around. Undergarments should never be visible. Sleepwear and bedroom shoes are not appropriate in the school setting. Dress comfortably for school, but appropriately.

Student I.D.:  Students must wear their student I.D. at all times when on campus during the school day.

Tardy:  Late arrivals continued to be a concern up to the day before Spring Break.  It is so important for students to be in the classroom.  Please make sure students are arriving on campus with plenty of time to make it to class.

Enjoy the last night of Spring Break!  We will see everyone in the morning!