Exams Are Just Around the Corner

Exams start next week.

EOC Exam Schedule:

Algebra - Dec. 14
Biology - Dec. 17 & 18
US History - Jan 8 & 9

The exam schedule for other courses, as well as more information on the End-of-Course Testing Program, can be found below.

Click here for the exam schedule for non-EOC courses.

More on the End-of-Course Examination Program below.

The Education Accountability Act of 1998 requires the development of end-of-course examinations in benchmark courses. The program is called End-of-Course-Examination Program (EOCEP).The examinations, which count 20 percent of the students' final grade of each course, currently include Algebra 1/Math for the Technologies 2, English 1, U.S. History and the Constitution, and Biology 1/Applied Biology 2.  All students who are enrolled in courses in which the academic standards corresponding to the EOCEP tests are taught, regardless of course name or number, must take the appropriate tests. Each examination will be administered to the students at the end of the semester in which they are scheduled to complete the course. The Fall Testing window for the EOCEP is December 14, 2012-January 10, 2013.  If your child is testing during this time we ask to schedule doctor's appointments and other out-of-school functions before or after testing. During the test students are not allowed to use their cell phones or any other electronic devices.  It is also important that your child gets to school on time in order to ensure that he/she test during their scheduled class.  More information about the EOCEP can be found at the South Carolina State Department of Education website at http://ed.sc.gov/agency/programs-services/41/, along with resources for each course.