Congratulations Spring Valley All-State Band Students

The All-State Band Clinic was held this past weekend, March 8-10 at Furman University. These students who were selected through the Region 3 and All-State rounds of auditions, performed a fantastic and difficult concert on Sunday March 10th. They performed music, which they saw for the first time on Friday March 8th. Our students were conducted by world renowned composers and conductors Anthony Maiello (Senior Band 11-12), David Shaffer (Clinic Band 9-10), and Quincey Hilliard (Junior Band 7-8).
From left to right, Spring Valley All-State Band Students- Jonathan Lee (Senior Band), Troy Herrmann (Senior Band), Sean English ( Senior Band), Mimi Harding (Senior Band), and William Edwards (Clinic Band). Not pictured, Arianna Lee, and Nicolas Threatt (Clinic Band Alternates), who also attended the clinic, and participated in master classes, and sight reading sessions.