ELDA Announcement

The English Language Development Assessment (ELDA) will be administered during the month of March to all English Language Learners. This test is required by the State of South Carolina for all English Language Learners. ELDA consists of four test designed to measure academic and social language proficiency in the domains of speaking, listening, reading, and writing, and is given to students  who have Limited English Proficiency.  Is it important that students taking the test get a good breakfast, get to school on time, and report to class on time each testing day.  Parents, please try not to schedule any appointments on your child's test dates as this is a very important test and we would like for students to do their best.  Your child has been provided information regarding the specific dates, times, and locations of his or her test.

For more information about the ELDA Exam please contact April Shell, School Testing Coordinator at (803) 699-3500, ext. 69074.