JROTC Wins at 2013 Air Force National JROTC Drill Championships

Sports Network Internationals honored Spring Valley’s Viking Air Force JROTC award winning drill team at the U. S. Air Force Nationals held at The University of Maryland, Cole Field House, College Park, Maryland, Saturday, March 16, 2013.
The Vikings were one of fifty-three (53) top AF-JROTC high schools selected to compete.  Over 424 outstanding events were performed.  Results: The Viking Drill Team placed 4th nationally among competing high schools.  National trophies were awarded in Armed Division Exhibition Fight and Armed Regulation Flight.

Other Awards: One team Overall “Certificate of Excellence” plaque.  This Certificate of Excellence proclaims that Spring Valley High School competed with distinction at the Air Force National JROTC Eastern Drill championship.  Twenty-four (24) cadet “Certificates of Excellence” for demonstrated skills, superior self-discipline, commitment to teamwork, and long hours of practice that resulted in an impressive showing was awarded.  Also presented, twenty-four (24) U. S. Air Force National Gold Drill Championships Medallions were given out for participation. The can-do attitude reflects the great pride each cadets had shown in themselves and our AFJROTC unit and Spring Valley. Thanks to each cadet high efforts and high praise and admiration.  Chief Master Sergeant Perry Langston is the coach.  Major Frank Ward is the SC-064 Detachment Commander. The following cadets were participants:  Carly BensVega, Lake Riddle, Jaylon Brown, Justin Rose, Justin Brownlee, Christopher Sim, Sierra Cornelius, Cloudy Soland, Cameron Cosby, Brando Solomons (Dup Commander), Jasmine Eichelberger, Michael Taylor, Jordan Glover, Trey Townsend, Brenda Green, Israel Wall, Philip Henshaw, Keiona Ward-Augustus, Nicholas Jones, Evan Woodward (Drill Team Commander), James Monkowski, Keenan Woodward, and Hector Perez-Polanco.