Orientation August 7-8, 2013

August 7th      9:00 AM-1:00 PM
                      3:00 PM-6:30 PM

August 8th      9:00 AM-1:00 PM
                      3:00 PM-6:30 PM
  • Report to the COMMONS to pick up your schedule and fee sheet.
  • Remain in the Commons to pay for fees and locker.
  • Report to the Auxiliary Gym to take student ID's and Yearbook pictures.
Students will not be allowed to pick up their schedules during orientation unless an updated proof of residency is on file.  A copy of a current utility bill must be submitted to the guidance office each year.  Students who do not have a proof of residency on file will be withdrawn on the 10th day of school per Richland School District Two policy.

Fees and Past Debts
Richland Two is charging a General Fee of $15.00 for all students. Students in grades 9 - 12 will receive a $17.00 school board authorized credit to offset this general fee and course fees.

Students should be prepared to clear all debts from the previous year.

Students can return textbooks and have the fee removed (the late fee will not be waived).  Fees vary according to the individual student's schedule.  Fees can be paid by Visa/MasterCard/Discover, cash or check.