Congratulations to Olisa Ashford

Congratulations to Olisa Ashford, recipient of the Innovative Teacher Award! Mrs. Ashford and her student council members deserve a lot of credit and thanks for building community and spirit throughout the school year; no matter what we ask them to do or how little time they have, they get it done. Within the past two weeks, they have organized and implemented all RNE Days activities, kicked off Winter Days (they've already collected over 5,500 cans!), helped with our Veteran's Day activities, participated in the drama department's "Homeless Monologues" show, planned and carried out today's WACH Fox Spirit Squad segment, and put together (and will carry out) an extra pep rally in support of the football players. All this didn't take place from 8:40- 3:33, Mrs. Ashford and the students have been here day and night, weekdays and weekends. Thank you Olisa for all your hard work!