Junior Science & Humanities Symposium

Students from across South Carolina competed at the Junior Science & Humanities Symposium sponsored by the Department of Defense on Friday, January 17th at the University of South Carolina. Overall, there were 82 research projects and 27 high schools with students attending. Seventeen Spring Valley students attended-13 presenters and 4 observers.The following students were selected as semi-finalists (21 total semi-finalists) based on their written research papers:

Victoria Agostini 
Richard Chen 
Jason Erno 
Krishna Gorrepati 
Bushra Islam 
Priscilla Li
Matthew White

These students presented in the morning in one of three concurrent semifinalist sessions to choose the six finalists.  Finalists then presented to an audience of 250+ to determine the five National JSHS delegates.  These delegates receive an all-expenses paid trip to the National Junior Science & Humanities Symposium in Washington, DC on April 23-27, 2014. Bushra Islam was awarded 2nd place and a $1500 scholarship; she will compete in the oral presentation division at the National Symposium.  Krishna Gorrepati was awarded 3rd place and a $1000 scholarship; he will compete in the poster division at the National Symposium.  

Other student presenters had an excellent showing as they presented in one of seven other non-semifinalist sessions. 

Session 5:
Benjamin Fechter 1st place
Madison Pobis 2nd place
Mohammad Arammash 3rd place

Session 7:
Martin Li 1st place

Session 8:
Nabihah Kumte 2nd place

Congratulations to these students and their research teachers, Joanne Bedlek-Anslow, Dale Soblo, and Michelle Spigner!