Schedule Changes

Students please use the Google Form that was emailed to you to request a schedule change. With the first day of enrollment as the baseline, students who withdraw from a course within 5 days in a 90-day course or 10 days in a 180-day course will do so without penalty. Students who withdraw from a course after the time specified above shall be assigned a WF and the F will be calculated in the student's overall grade point average as a 61.

The 5  day limitation for withdrawing from a course without penalty do not apply to course or course level changes initiated by the administration of the school.
Please note these three additional guidelines:
  • Level changes will be honored only when class space is available during the same time period requested. No level changes will be made after the first 6 weeks of school.
  • When a student is failing a course with a grade of 0-61 and they are permitted to change from one course to another, they will transfer to the other course with a 61.
  • When a student is permitted to change from one course level to another, the numerical grade in the first course is converted using the uniform grading scale. The transfer grade will be calculated as the appropriate percentage of the new course.