Innovative Educator Awards

Ms. Stephanie Finnell adds great energy and excitement in the School Counseling Department through her excellent innovative ideas. She constantly implements programs such as  Man Up which is a mentor program, Care Crew which are student facilitators, Study Skills groups, Counselor Corner, and Attendance Improvement Incentives. She is a true advocate for students and for the School Counseling Program. She works hard, is well respected by faculty, and never has a non-productive or bad day. 

Mr. Dale Soblo is an outstanding teacher and a leader in bringing new pedagogical approaches into his classroom and in modeling them for other teachers.  He has become a great facilitator for students to take responsibility for their own learning, through his version of the flipped classroom, and he's been willing to work with other teachers interested in using flipped classroom methods to supplement their instruction.  Mr. Soblo's efforts benefit not only his own students, but also faculty and students throughout our school.

Ms. Naarah Bryant has really done an outstanding job in her first year at SVHS.   She holds high expectations for her students and challenges them to do better everyday; yet all of her students know that she truly cares about them.  Ms. Bryant has completely changed the structure of her program, and each student in the class is expected to be busy working on academics, vocational training, improving behaviors, and social skills training throughout the school day.  Most importantly, she has maximized her students' learning opportunities and each one's potential.  She is a huge asset to SVHS!

Mr. Paul Dobyns is an excellent teacher and advocate for the students he teaches and those he serves as an athletic trainer.  He is tireless in his commitment to make sure our athletes have access to the best care before, during, and after their sports. As a teacher, he meets the needs of all learners and provides creative opportunities for hands-on engagement.  By creating the student athletic trainer program, he is giving students who are interested in the field of athletic training the opportunity to get the experience while they are still in high school.  He is truly dedicated to the success of the SV students!