HSAP Announcement

The High School Assessment Program (HSAP), or "Exit Exam," will be administered April 1st through 3rd.  Students must pass all parts of HSAP in order to qualify for a South Carolina high school diploma. The test will be given to all 2nd year high school students, and to any 3rd or 4th year student who is new to the state and has not taken it before, or has previously been unsuccessful on any portion of the test. If your student is testing, it is important that he or she be here.  Parents, please try to avoid scheduling any appointments during this time as this is a very important test and we would like for your student to do his or her best.  Students who need to test will be informed of the fact, and given their testing locations, on Monday, March 31st.  
During this testing period, all 1st year students will be taking the Practice USA Test Prep Exam to prepare them for HSAP next year.  All third and fourth year students who are not involved in testing will have designated areas to report to.  Attendance will be taken for all students all three days.

If you have any questions, please contact April Shell, School Testing Coordinator at (803) 699-3500, ext. 69074 or ashell@richland2.org​.