Congratulations to our SV French Students

Congratulations to the following Spring Valley High School students for their excellent performance on this year's National French Contest.

Silver medal:
Rimel Mwamba (French 3)

Bronze medal:
Lance Murphy (French 3)
Keertan Nair (French 3)

Certificat d'honneur:
Scott Craig (French 3)
Surabhi Poola (French 3)
Rakib Siddique (French 3)
Linda Thomas (French 3)

Certificat de RĂ©ussite:
Kailey Charles (French 3)
Ciera Davis (French 1)
Zuania Fuentes-Bermudez (French 1)
Elizabeth Horne (French 3)
Tyler Huggins (French 1)
Alicia Jacobs (French 2)
Mynyatta Mcfadden (French 1)
Zane Presnal (French 2)
Christina Vo (French 1)

Spring Valley students also held five of the top 30 scores for level 3A in the state.  We are proud of our Viking French students!