New Procedures for Reserved Parking for Seniors

Any senior who wishes to receive a reserved parking space in the lot in front of the school (Atrium Lot) or the lot closest to the tennis courts (Tennis Lot) should sign up via our new lottery process. Students will be randomly selected for parking in those lots. We are instituting the lottery so that all seniors have an equal chance to park in those lots, not just the seniors who are able to come by the school during orientation. Some families are out of town, on vacation, etc., and those students miss the opportunity to park in those lots.

Seniors wishing to participate in the lottery for reserved parking should fill out the form here no later than midnight on August 10th. Students who receive a reserved parking space will be notified by email on August 11th and should plan to come pick up their hanging tags on August 13th or 14th between 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM or 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM. Students should bring a completed Parking Agreement to be filed with Mr. Jackson when they come to get their hanging tag.

Please note, all students must complete Alive@25 training in order to be eligible to park on campus. Students who have not yet completed the training, but have registered for the course, can bring their registration confirmation to Mr. Jackson to receive a temporary parking permit for the two week period immediately prior to the class.

Seniors who wish to opt out of the lottery and park in the Upper Lot (near the gym) can pick up their hanging tags at orientation.

NOTE:  Students must be signed in to their RSD2 Google accounts to access the form to register for the lottery.