Students, You've Got Mail!

Students, in case you were unable to come to orientation this week and get a copy of your class schedule, we just emailed you the name and room number of your Homeroom teacher for the 2014-2015 school year. Everyone will receive an updated copy of their class schedule in Homeroom.

We will not have Late Start on Wednesday, August 20th, but we will have Early Bird classes. 

Spring Valley will follow the bell schedule below Wednesday,  August 20th through Friday, August 22nd. Please make a note of it. See you soon!

Early Bird 7:30-8:25
Homeroom  8:40-8:55                                
1st period 9:00-9:47                                
2nd period 9:52-10:38                              
3rd period 10:43-11:34                            
4th period 11:39-12:25                            
Lunch       12:25-1:00                 
5th period 1:05-1:51
6th period 1:56-2:42
7th period 2:47-3:33