NAEP Assessment Announcement

A group of 12th grade students have been chosen to participate in the National Assessment of Educational Progress, also know as NAEP.  You may be thinking that NAEP is just aother test, but it's not.  NAEP is different from our state assessments, the SAT and ACT because it represents all high school students across the country, not just those who plan to go on to college. Students who have been selected have been notified of this opportunity and realize that they have an important job to do. The actual assessment takes about 120 minutes. During that time, students will take a pilot technology-based assessment in mathematics, reading, and science on ipads.  All students will also be asked questions about their overall educational experience and to rate their academic performance. Note: The NAEP Assessment was originally scheduled for February 17th, however it has been re-scheduled for Monday, February 23, 2015.

Parent Information about NAEP

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