Congratulations to our 2015 Art Show Winners

Best in Show: Madeleine Parker

The Spring Valley Art Show was judged this past Friday by Dr. Karen Heid, an art education professor at USC. Please help us congratulate the following art show winners by joining us for a reception honoring these students and our AP students on Wednesday, April 22nd from 5:00 - 6:30 p.m. in the MPR.

Art 1
1st: Kate Murrell (scratchboard)
2nd: Mandie Campbell (chalk)
3rd: Nerielle Legaspi (wallpaper pattern)
HM: Keith Beaudoin (scratchboard)
        Victor Correa (pattern portrait)
        Kiara Brown (tempera resist)

Art 2
1st: Gabby Herrin (charcoal
2nd: Arianna Atkinson (reduction print)
3rd: Brandon Stuckey (chalk pastel)
HM: Joshua Wall (perspective)
        Breanna Finley (chalk pastel)
        Meghan Jerome (collage)

Art 3
1st: Madeleine Parker (food chain) and Ryan Irvin (chalk pastel hands)
Alaa Zaatar
2nd: David Lee (Jim Dine tool)
3rd: Freddie McCollough (food chain)
HM: Bin Washington (portrait)
        Priscilla Ryhm (portrait)

1st: Kaury Thome (ceramic owl)
2nd: Briana Foster (wood relief)
3rd: Bin Washington (wire tree)
HM: Briana Foster (ceramic)
       Kaury Thome (wood relief)

Media Arts
1st: Jennifer Bransen (typeface)
2nd: Lexi DeJesus (Digital painting)
3rd: DJ Skelton (Jacob Lawrence)
HM: Brian Hunter (typeface)
       Zachary Eppes (darth vader)
       Jacob Cooney (surrealist)

1st: Alaa Zaatar
2nd Gillian Herrin
HM: Victoria Martinez

1st: Peyton Brazell (drypoint)
2nd: Victoria Martinez (black drypoint cat)
3rd: Alaa Zaatar (linoleum black/red)
HM: Amy Craig (drypoint)

Jordan McCormack
1st: Courtney Pratt (digital)
2nd: Jenning Chen (digital)
3rd: Caroline McManus (color digital)
HM: Dahja Weston (photogram)
        Lanettei Terry (digital color)

AP Solo Show
1st: Jordan McCormack
2nd: Mitchell England
3rd: Bonnie Ayres
HM: Ariel Newton

Best in Show: Madeleine Parker (food chain)