Nicholas Waller Receives Turnaround Achievement Award

Nicholas Waller is a senior at Spring Valley High School who is graciously anticipating graduation day.  He has not only made improvements in his decision making and overall behavior, but has worked extremely hard to reach 12th grade status while at the beginning of the year being classified as just a 10th grader. He has been focused and diligent in all of his classes.  His teachers and school counselor have expressed how very proud they are of “Nick” as he is affectionately known around campus.  Mrs. Bee his science teacher says that, “Nick is a very respectful young man, who puts in an honest effort every day. I love having him in class, due to his lightheartedness and ability to not take himself too seriously.” Coach Moton states that, “He is a pleasure to teach.  I see him as a leader!” and Mr. Lea his economics teacher states that, “He is a respectful young man with a solid work ethic.  He added some other stories in but I’ll let him and Mr. Lea cherish those moments. Nicholas has aspirations of joining the military after high school.  With three years of experience in our JROTC program, he is sure to excel and serve his country well. We can’t think of a more deserving person to honor and represent Spring Valley High School.  He is proof that hard work pays off.