Chromebook Collection for Seniors

Seniors, you will be able to turn in your Chromebooks starting Monday, May 11, 2015. Please turn in your device and charger  to the AV office located inside the multipurpose room and no where else. Please prepare your device by backing up any files that you have stored locally and physically clean your device. Any damages will be added to your school fees.  If you have not turned in your device by Thursday, May 21, 2015, you will be assessed a fee of $376.92 and you will not be able to participate in graduation ceremonies. If you are aware of any damages, have lost your device, or have any other issues with your Chromebook, it is essential that you return it as soon as possible so you can be cleared to participate in graduation.

Before you leave campus at the end of the year:
You can find instructions on SV Tech about how to backup files stored in your network home folder (H drive)
Students before July 1:
You can copy files from many Google services with Google Takeout