National Spanish Exam

This year 157,702 students across the nation took the National Spanish Exam. The Placement indicates the performance of the student relative to that of other students in the same level and category.

National awards are determined by the Total Percentile as follows:
GOLD - Students scoring at or above the 95th percentile are awarded a Premio de Oro.
SILVER - Students scoring from the 85th through the 94th percentiles receive a Premio de Plata.
BRONZE - Students scoring from the 75th through the 84th percentiles receive a Premio de Bronce.
HONORIFIC - Students scoring at or above the 50th percentile (national average) through the 74th percentile are awarded a Mención Honorífica.

Spring Valley had 46 students who took the exam and our students received 3 Gold Medals, 10 Silver Medals, 9 Bronze Medals, and 16 Honorific Mention. 

Level 1
Drescher                    Frederick        Silver

Level 2
Marazzo                     Luke               Gold
Hardin                       Conner           Silver
James                         Wynnter         Silver
Jones                          Katherine       Silver
Knox                         Jazmyne         Silver
Mcmillian                  Deanonte'       Silver
Clark                          Aleysha          Bronze
Dreher                       Caitlin            Bronze
Pratt                           Courtney        Bronze
Roach                        Aaron             Bronze
Yazdi                         Leila               Bronze
Bellows                     Nicole             Honor
Cassibry                     John                Honor
Dejesus                      Alexandria     Honor
Iaulualo                     Jarodene         Honor
Spiva                         Sunshine         Honor
Williams                    Sarabeth         Honor

Level 2 - Bilingual
Bello Hernandez       Sherel             Gold
Bello Hernandez       Bryan             Silver
Mayorga                    Alexis             Honor

Level 3
White                         Matthew         Silver
Arammash                 Mohammad    Bronze
Coleman                    Jala                 Honor
Eppes                         Zachary          Honor
Fayyaz                       Muhammad    Honor
Mitchell                     Alyssia           Honor

Level 3 - Bilingual
Chacon                      Brenda           Honor

Level 4
Hunt                          Keenan           Gold
Andreen                    Alexandra      Bronze
Mahon                       Lanesa            Bronze
Soman                       Arya               Bronze
Forrest                       Hannah           Honor
Gaines                       Samaria          Honor
Lara                           Sara                Honor
Perry                          Jessica            Honor

Level 4 - Bilingual
Pineda                       Andres           Silver
Medellin                    Monica           Silver