Using Lego Robotics Technology to Transform Math Education: The Incorporation of Computer Programming, Mathematical Computation, and Robotics

After Ms. Lucretia Glover, mathematics teacher at Spring Valley High School, wrote a grant proposal in October 2014, the Educational Foundation at Spring Valley High School funded eleven EV3 LEGO robotics to be piloted in Algebra 2, Algebra 3 and/or Statistics. Ms. Glover indicated that the goal of the project Using Lego Robotics Technology to Transform Math Education was to increase an interest in STEM related careers, provide students with real-world application and 21st century skills that are needed to be leading competitors in a global society.   As a model for future programs in general education courses, she wanted to use this program to provide a classroom environment that would help to develop problem solving skills in math, engineering, physics and logic.   

By infusing Common Core Standards of Math, 21st Century Skills, and the LEGO EV3 curriculum, Ms. Glover’s students in Algebra 2 were provided with an opportunity in which they made abstract ideas concrete.  Over the course of three months, the students used one class period per week to construct, program, and debug their chosen model. To demonstrate their level of understanding and growth in programming, students successfully delivered their end of year digital media presentation to highlight each phase of their learning process on Tuesday, May 26, 2015.    

Please help us celebrate the success of our future computer programmers, engineers or scientists.