Spring Valley High School Food Pantry

Spring Valley High School Food Pantry 

The problem:
1)We have a new fridge and there’s NOTHING in it!
2)We have a food pantry that could use some more food

What we do:
1) We provide food for students/families that need some extra assistance
2)We also offer a backpack program where students can discreetly take home food for the weekend

How can YOU help?
YOU can help by donating food that can be frozen, refrigerated or stored on a shelf!

What foods to bring:
-eggs                       -To Go snack        -pasta/sauce
-condiments            -meat                     -cereal
-frozen meals          -tuna                      -PB & jelly
-Lunchables            -oatmeal/grits        -bread/rice 
-juice                       -vegetables     
-milk                       -canned veggies  
-cheese                    -soup                   
-yogurt                    -fruit                        

Sponsored by the School Social Worker, 
Venesia Johnson 
Bring food to School Counseling Office