Tech Night

Midlands Education and Business Alliance (MEBA) and Colonial Life and Accident Insurance Company are sponsoring a “Tech Night” for high school students on October 27, 2015. The event will be from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and held at Colonial Life. (1200 Colonial Life Blvd W, Columbia, SC 29210) This event showcases the diverse career opportunities available in technology.

What is Tech Night?
Unum Tech Night is a chance for high school students to get a closer look at IT as a career through an interactive, challenging and fun evening of activities. The attached brochure provides a high-level overview of Tech Night and what students can expect during the event.
Participant profile:           
High school – Junior/Senior with IT emphasis
Equal mix of males and females.
Naturally inquisitive.
Likes to learn new things.
Natural problem solver.
Technical interest and/or aptitude.
Target # of participants:
6-10 from each school
This is a first come first serve activity as there will be a 75 student maximum.
Please contact Mrs. Ashworth or Mrs. Cato if you would like to pre-register!