TRI-M Music Honor Society Induction Ceremony

Spring Valley’s Chapter of TRI-M Music Honor Society had their 2015-2016 Induction Ceremony on Tuesday, April 26th in the Spring Valley Auditorium.  

Spring Valley proudly inducted four new members Cassidy Johnson, Veronica McLean, Alyssia Mitchell and Alan Port. Spring Valley’s officers include: Priscilla Rhym (President), Breland Green (Vice-President), Ebony Patton (Secretary), Priscilla Li (Treasurer) and Jessica Perry (Historian). Current Members Inculde : Mazen Cotran, Ethan Dilley, Hannah Havens, Christopher Juhn, Sifzaeli Masolwa, Breanna Murrin, Austin Myers, Dennis Patterson, Jayohndra Price and Kira Saini.