Spring Valley Accepted to TransformSC’s Statewide Network

Columbia, S.C. (May 31, 2016) – Spring Valley has been accepted to TransformSC’s network of innovative schools. There are now 51 TransformSC schools in 21 districts across the state.   

“More and more schools are stepping up to the plate to lead innovation in our classrooms,” said Mike Brenan, co-chair of TransformSC and state president of BB&T. 

“The rapid growth of the TransformSC network shows that our mission of better preparing students for success in careers and college is resonating with educators across the state,” said Pamela Lackey, state president of AT&T and co-chair of TransformSC. “We look forward to learning from and celebrating these new schools and their progress.”  

To be accepted into the TransformSC network, the schools submitted a three-year innovation plan that is evaluated and approved by TransformSC’s Action Team Chairs and staff. TransformSC schools commit to create a culture of innovation in their schools and to implement some combination of TransformSC’s four innovative practices: project-based learning, blended learning, continuous assessment and competency-based progression, in order to transform learning and teaching for every student and every teacher in every classroom every day.  

“Spring Valley shares in the vision of the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate put forth by the South Carolina Council on Competitiveness, and recognizes the need to create graduates with world class knowledge, world class skills, and personal characteristics which will serve them well in both their lives and their careers. The TransformSC network will assist us in doing this.”

TransformSC schools receive a variety of supports and opportunities through participation in the network, including access to national experts, mentorship opportunities with other innovative schools and assistance with the implementation of innovation plans.

TransformSC is accepting applications from schools with innovative approaches to achieving the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate for every student and every teacher in every classroom, every day. Schools at all levels and stages of development are encouraged to apply.

About TransformSC
TransformSC, an education initiative of the South Carolina Council on Competitiveness, is a collaboration of business leaders, educators, students, parents and policy makers transforming the public education system so that every student graduates prepared for careers, college and citizenship. TransformSC schools and districts are designing, launching, promoting and proving transformative practices in the classroom.  Currently there are 51 schools from 21 districts, as well as 3 entire districts in the TransformSC network.  For more information, visit www.sccompetes.org/transformsc.